The Studio Arts Campus is located in Raleigh, North Carolina USA

Living Arts College has been graduating animators, artists, and designers who have worked in the studio arts for over 20 years!
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Living Arts College has been graduating animators, artists, and designers who have worked in the studio arts for over 20 years!
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Breaking in as Creativity Professional is knowing how to develop and direct your talents. Your Guide building REEL studio level skills may be helpful.
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Microsoft Hololens 2 at the Living Arts Immersion lab
Augmented Reality is taking a giant leap forward with MS Hololens2. Digital artists with with HMD (Head Mounted Display) know-how will gain a competitive place in the Studio Arts.
The Virtual & Augmented Immersion Reality Lab is Here!

A Breakthrough Educational Opportunity: What is trending that is so unique in the world of Filmmaking it is creating an unprecedented boom in the job market?


Portfolio FIRST programs to challenge creative minds
Find a full suite of Studio Level Degrees & Shorter Professional Intensive Diplomas
Audio Design

Attain promotion and marketing know-how, all designed to market your audio centered products and services. Living Arts students are experienced in pro grade production of marketing resulting in winning advertising and media creative awards, something not usually seen at an audio school.



Find real world level 4K production here. Get your hands on Arri ALEXA and Sony CineAlta F55, the gear known in Hollywood and beyond. Move along to a director's skillset gaining competencies to generate story content that connects with audiences. Living Arts is dedicated to using the incredible studio level tools.


Gaming & Animation

The professional world of 3D production comes alive at Living Arts College. This is the unique program that takes creative skills to a higher level for the 3D Artist, Modeler or Animator. The dedicated Animation & Game Design graduate is equipped to compete in the professional world of 3D production.

Interactive Media

The solution here is all about preparing for working in the New Media. The New Media requires: 1) Art Director level design content, 2) Designing for audio and visual interactivity, 3) Acquiring Internet front-end programing skills. Living Arts functions as a studio organization.

Interior Design

Learn and practice the EIGHT core essentials that will expand your potential as you study TOTAL interior design. Explore roles in lighting design, space planning, contract management, International building codes and more. Grow your passion with a degree, connecting to the top interior design schools worldwide.


The Living Arts College Photography graduate has the advantage because he or she is prepared with art direction and TECHNICAL SKILLS targeted to propel the professional far beyond. Discover how Living Arts enhances potential for careers in photography through creativity!

Small Title

Small Title

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High School Grads

Find options in seven different studio arts programs. Where might your own creative talents take you to higher rewards? Living Arts has 27+ years of career building success to share. Call or email to be matched to your Adviser. Plan to share your ambitions and your questions. Find out how you might find your place in the new media as a Creative Force!®  Ask for advising assistance, phoning: 919.488.8504



Grow your opportunities with advanced design & technical know-how. Most courses within our studio level BA programs may be taken independently on a non-credit, audit basis. This is a convenient way that busy adults and others can zero in on the skillsets that count. Gain digital world knowhow in today's advancing worlds of the studio digital arts. Talk to an adviser in the USA at: +1 919 488-8504


Tuition Support

Founder's Tuition Support ...
Submit your creative samples + your creative passion = 2021 degree students receiving generous tuition help.

Our Founder has set aside real tuition assistance for those who will share their passion for the studio-arts. Check details here for sending your work.


Where our students go to work
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Visual Effects

Some Living Arts College graduates continue to work on blockbusters including the original Star Wars series to the new Disney Star Wars.


Industry Game Studios

The dedicated Animation & Game Design graduate is equipped to compete in the professional world of 3D production.


Film & Media Production

Living Arts College started teaching animation and game design at the dawn of the industry. Living Arts has been pioneering animation and game education for over 27 years!

One North Carolina school creates
storytellers, producers and critics

They have labored working under a tough faculty of critics mastering the art of storytelling.
They have also learned that business thrives on creativity and exciting audiences.


VFX Studio is the premier studio environment at Living Arts. Create the visual, digital magic of Visual Effects. VFX know-how demands knowledge well beyond animation. This breakthrough program challenges the best creative minds. Learn how you might qualify to "work" at VFX Studio.



You can read more at Living Arts Live blog to stay up to date on what is happening on the campus with our students. Visit for details.


Film student Dylan Powers has had his film •Unravel• officially selected to be screened at the Longleaf Film Festival. Dylan wrote, directed, and edited the film, while a small crew assisted with sound and filming. It can be very challenging to get a film accepted into a film festival, which Dylan has achieved. Congrats Dylan!


Photography student Cody Hamilton won not just a gold and bronze award for his photography but he also took home •The best in show• award, totaling three Addy awards from The Advertising Federation of RDU. Cody has worked hard to get where he is now. With the knowledge he has learned at Living Arts, Cody has the professional skills to advance into the new world of digital media.


Photography student Charles Williams Jr. won a gold and silver award by The American Advertising Federation of RDU for his photography work. Charles has now learned the skills to go to the next level of creativity from Living Arts College.

Upcoming Events
Creativity is rewarded when the production is completed on time and on budget and to audience acclaim. Whatever the media, the Living Arts graduate understands the business of creativity.

Open House | Look for details ... social distancing event on campus
Be Here and Learn ... about becoming a student in the digital studio arts as a future Creativity Professional!

The open house for those have the potential and the passion to work in a creativity career...


Gallery Show

Students compete each quarter with their work displayed throughout campus.
The work of Living Arts College students is shown throughout the year. The gallery show exhibits current and alumni student work.


Guest Speakers

Industry Speakers visit Living Arts College throughout the year.  Virtually and on-site.
Call your Adviser at any time for details and your tickets at


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